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The Editors | 03.13.08


An interview with Chris Hedges: “I don’t believe in atheists”

Charly Wilder, Salon [Read the Article]

"…Not believing in sin is very dangerous. I think both the Christian right and the New Atheists in essence don't believe in their own sin, because they externalize evil. Evil is always something out there that can be eradicated. For the New Atheists, it's the irrational religious hordes. I mean, Sam Harris, at the end of his first book, asks us to consider a nuclear first strike on the Arab world. Both Hitchens and Harris defend the use of torture. Of course, they're great supporters of preemptive war, and I don't think this is accidental…"

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By Harold Fickett AT 03.15.08 05:46PM

Harold Fickett

This is quite good, as we are all too prone to detect the mote in the other’s eye while missing the beam stuck dead center in our own. 

On the other hand, what grounds does Chris Hedges find for distinguishing among cultural values?  How do we promote a true Christian humanism and the values that have built Western civilization, insuring a remarkable degree of freedom for believers and unbelievers alike?

The first answer is witness, knowing our faith, living it out, and telling others who care to know. 

This entails, I believe, thinking twice about messages from apostles of moral equivalence.  True enough, we have to say, but not the whole or even the most essential truth.  Otherwise we effectively deny the “hope that is within us.”

By peterwilson1 AT 03.16.08 08:13PM


If God didn’t exist…then neither would atheists (a paraphrase of Chesterton the Great).


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